Not all students follow a traditional path. If you’re serious about a college education, we want to give you that opportunity–even if you don’t have a diploma or GED.

Special Pathways Into San Jac

If you're approved under special circumstances, you'll still need to complete all admission requirements. Even if you are not a high school graduate, we may admit you to San Jac conditionally. We will review your academic record and test scores to determine if you’re eligible for one of our programs. Admission would be for one term, and we may require you to take certain courses or limit the courses that you can take.

Upon unconditional admission status, you're eligible to receive an official transcript, be considered for financial aid, and re-enroll for future terms. In short, you'll be an all-out college student!
  1. If You’re 18 or Older without a GED

    You must take GED preparation and other appropriate developmental classes and pass the GED during your first term. If you don't pass all sections of the GED, you may enroll for the next term on a conditional basis, as long as you continue in developmental classes.

  2. If You’re Under 18 Without a GED

    You must complete all sections of the GED exam before enrolling for your first term and submit documentation from the testing center for verification. If you don't pass all sections of the GED, you may enroll for the next term as long as you retake the exam first.

Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology (CPET) Student

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The list of programs we have here at San Jacinto runs far and wide. You can start out with a noncredit course, get a certificate, or go for a two-year degree. Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out everything we offer.

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If you have questions, we can help. Contact us at 281-998-6150 or, or reach out to one of these members of our Admissions team.

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